This is one use for lemons that I never thought of

Fire is the only thing that will keep you warm in the wilderness on an extremely chilly day. In case you can’t find any rocks (like in the ancient days) or a box of matchsticks (which is highly unlikely) to create a fire and you can’t carry a heater around this video will give the ideal solution for you.

Does anyone know how to make fire with lemon? I’ve heard of creating electricity with a lemon since it acts as an electrolyte. But, never have I heard about creating a fire with a lemon. (or maybe you can show this as a cool experiment in your chemistry class)

All you need is a lemon, 6 copper clips, 6 zinc nails, a piece of wire and some steel wool.

Start pricking the lemon with the two types of nails, connect them with wires and create and electric field. I’m sure that this is something that most of us learned in our chemistry classes when we learn about electrolytes.

This video actually takes me back to the time when I was taking chemistry, because this guy actually gives a scientific explanation of the phenomenon. (Just like a boring chemistry teacher). I always used to wonder how something like that would come in handy and here it is. So they actually do teach us things in school for a reason.

Maybe the Pythagorean theorem also might come in handy during your lifetime. Instead of using the current to power up a gadget we are going use it to create fire. I would say that it’s a waste of energy, because there’s so much that you could do with 5 volts of energy. But this is actually a really easy way to create aa fire if you’re not the sort of person who is willing to carry heavy luggage.

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