This little girl's move surprised even her brother. - Kid 101

This little girl’s move surprised even her brother.

Proving that there is no greater love than sibling love is this little munchkin and his beautiful sister share a bunch of un ending hugs. The baby’s first reach for an intentional hug is definitely the most adorable thing you can watch. These two show the perfect but rare capture of sibling love. (I wonder how long it will take for these hugs to turn into punches and kicks :)).

Starting from a cute little head bump, signaling that the hug war is about to begin these two adorable kids love to hug each other like it’s the best feeling in the world. The little baby reminds me of Happy Feet jumping up with joy of getting numerous hugs from the sister.  Whenever he spreads his arms he knows that his sister will embrace him. The sister seems to be over the moon to have a live teddy bear to hug. Although the sister loves him she has that air of command in her tone to confirm that she’s the older one and that he knows that.

The little baby also shows his command by not hugging the sister too hard. He pushes her away when he’s contented with the hug, just like a typical brother (brothers usually don’t like hugging do they?). I’m sure he’s trying hard not to look so “needy”. At 0:25 we see the sister calling him for a hug but he doesn’t join her at once, he takes his time and jumps up with excitement and hugs her.

The last few attempts of his hugs seems more like his bumping her with his head. Determined to win the hug contest I’m sure that these two kids will hug each other all day if they could. This video will prove to you that hugs are the best medicines in the world.

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