This was the girl’s dream, what Adele did next had me in tears.

Look at the girl’s face! Its literally brighter than Adele’s shining dress that’s captivating the stage.

What a moment! Performing live on stage with such a famous idol. Adele is probably whispering some words of encouragement to the little girl’s ears saying “You got this girl”. Adele moves away from the spotlight and gives it to the girl on stage to live the moment. With reactions of motherly love Adele encourages the audience to cheer the girl on (she looks like a bird flapping her wings) while she is having the time of her life.

Adele looks way more excited than the girl for some reason. The look on the girl’s face when her idol joins her to sing the song is priceless. The girl is so excited but you can also see how nervous she is because she is shuffling her legs I’m sure that I would faint unable to bear the excitement. I adore this girl’s confidence. Imagine if we got to live a moment like this? How mesmerized we would be.

I’m sure I will forget the lyrics to the song and make a complete fool of myself in front of such a huge audience. Although the girl is not much of a singer her confidence is overpowering. Adele is beautiful both inside and out and she has the voice of an angel.

Her songs are so soothing and she is one of the few people who said that she sings for people’s ears and not for their eyes. Damn girl you are so right! I’m sure that we will all agree with that. Adele beautiful as she is, made the girl feel so special. I’m sure Adele gave that girl the moment of a lifetime it is so clear from the never ending smile on her face. What a moment!

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