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Top 11 Boston Carousels You Have Never Heard Of

Nothing makes you happier than taking a ride on one of your favorite carousels. We love these rides because they, quite literally, have been here for a long time, delighting generations of families.

The Commonwealth carousels are a mix of historic and modern marvels. Some of them are actually rare antiques. Here are some places in Boston and its surrounding areas, featuring some of the countries most classic carousels.

Boston Common Carousel

Built in 1947, the Boston Common Carousel has been named as one of America’s Best Carousels by Travel & Leisure. This artistic masterpiece has an oak wood floor, beautifully installed reflective mirrors and a crown. It’s gorgeously lit to please the riders in a classic carousel fashion.

The 20-seat carousel features a variety of equestrian figures, wildlife animals and a chariot. This wheelchair accessible merry-go-round encourages people of all ages to hop on for a delightful ride. Children under 42″ must be accompanied by an adult through.

This old-fashion ride wh cost $3 is open from mid-April to end of October.


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