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Top 12 Carousels you haven’t heard of in Los Angeles

From historic masterpieces to modern marvels, Los Angeles offers some of the best carousels ever. So head of to one of the following fun rides to enjoy and have a good family time.

Griffith Park Merry Go Round

This magnificent merry-go-round at the Griffith Park has been cheering people up since 1937. Located on Crystal Springs Drive,  it offers 68 beautiful horses for kids to choose for a breezy spin. With more than a thousand songs to offer, the vintage-looking military band organ is pretty impressive.

The intricately carved horses and bucolic scenes on the canopy and backdrop of this vintage ride depicts extraordinary levels of craftsmanship. According to the display sign, some of the jeweled horses date from as far back as 1887.

A younger Walt Disney used to spend downtime here with his daughters. It is said that the idea for a Disney Theme park popped up in his mind as he watched his daughters ride the  Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round.

This historic $1 ride is open on weekends and on holidays during summers.

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