Top 9 Family Mountain Vacations - Kid 101

Top 9 Family Mountain Vacations

1. Acadia National Park, Maine

Exploring Maine’s rugged coast at Acadia National Park is a veritable adventure! During low tides, the sea brings up its hidden treasures along the sandbars. Hunt for sea stars, anemones, and beautifully polished rocks. Go back in time with horse-drawn carriages as they make way along the 45-mile carriage road system. Throughout the spring and into fall (May-October) you can enjoy organized boat tours. If you prefer, you can explore 125 miles of trails on a guided nature walk or hike and learn about the area. Enjoy camping? Rent a cabin in nearby Bar Harbor or pitch a tent at one of two campgrounds. Visit the historic Jordan Pond House or better yet, head out to the piers for the freshest lobster catch of the day!

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