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Top Halloween family costumes that aren’t the Addams for 2018

Halloween is always 10 times more fun when the whole family goes trick-or-treating in costume. But sometimes, it’s hard to come up with an idea everyone will enjoy. Before you give up and exhaust all the toilet paper for mummies, here are some trending themes that fit all ages, tastes, and budgets.  This year, a lot of childhood classics continue to make a comeback, but there are new oddballs and superheroes here and there. Whether you’re going for silly or scary, doing double time sewing Disney princess gowns or having the whole deluxe GoT Season 7 set shipped, have a spooktacular Halloween!


An Incredibles idea

The Pixar blockbuster is also this year’s bestselling superhero costume. It’s a no-brainer for every family who wants to save the world. Covering all the Incredibles, from Mr Incredible to little Jack-Jack, it comes in especially handy for growing families. They’re available in every Halloween store. Start with the chic new Mrs Incredible. A+++

Creepy (or cutie) carnival

The Greatest Showman hit appears to have revived interest in the circus for Halloween. But the act always makes for a fun, timeless theme. Peep Neil Patrick Harris’ creepy carnival. For starters, dress the P.T. Barnum of your family in a shiny red suit to draw in the crowd. Walk the tightrope in an acrobat harlequin’s tights. Applaud your little circus performer for balancing an inflatable barbell. No circus would be complete without your lovable clown or baby lion—tots would be adorable either way.

Go Wicked

Or go off to see the wizard in the sweetest Halloween costumes. The Wizard of Oz is a perennial favorite. What’s better than following the yellow brick road with a delightful group? Maybe your lovely Dorothy clicking her ruby heels. Go all out with the beautifully designed 75th Anniversary edition.  It features a sequined blue gingham dress for Dorothy, a green-lined cape for the Wicked Witch of the West, a diploma for Scarecrow, and a wonderful silver suit with a printed heart watch for Toto.

We don’t need another hero


Tina is right—you need a whole team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to save the world. Fortunately, everyone has a favourite Avenger. Who wants to be Iron Man? Who can put on the big Gamma fists of the Hulk? It’s perfect for families with a lot of boy power. Take a quick survey on which hero they want to be and get it all shipped before the 31st. Mom can channel Scarlet Witch in a favourite black suit and red coat.

No muggles allowed

If this year’s Halloween goal is to be the scariest mom on the block, the Death Eater from Harry Potter and the Death Hallows should do the trick. The budding wizards of Hogwarts will enjoy waving their wands too. Harry can switch it up a bit with a snitch in a Quidditch kit. See sceptical  Hermione’s eyes light up with a Time-Turner from The Prisoner of Azkaban. Dad can surprise them as a bone-chilling Dementor to make it an even more memorable Halloween.


Party animals

Because you can do better than toilet paper mummies. Rummage through your Halloween war chest for inspiration, and you’re bound to find ways to make these fun and punny costumes. There are the bunny ears from an Easter party or the antlers from a Frozen-themed birthday. There’s the bee bodysuit from last Halloween’s beekeeper idea, the wolf’s gloves from a Red Riding Hood school play. Then pair the spotted party hat from the supermarket with the bunny ears or antlers. Think of this as the Halloween costume the Fantastic Mr Fox would come with.

Tea Party time

If everyone in the family is a weirdo in his own way, then the Alice in Wonderland theme would be a great fit. Little Alice will love her charming blue and white dress.  Dad can put on the zaniest hat to play Mad Hatter. The Queen of Hearts is a fave among moms who like to go DIY. And the wee one can simply be wrapped in an adorable bunny onesie.

Monster Family

If you just picked up the exact same Frozen dress you did last year, it may be time to switch to the villains of Disney. Everyone may love the superhero, but how cool would it be to play Maleficent? Jafar, Cruella, Big Bad Wolf, Captain Hook—try greeting trick-or-treaters at the door together. You’ll be the scariest motley of monsters on the block.


What could be more disarming than the youngest ones clad in minion jumpsuits? The latest yellow cap with goggles is sure to score even more candy this year for the added charm. For mom, aka Lucy Wilde, it certainly pays to be part of the Anti-Villain League. And seeing them dressed up in those overalls and that sunny yellow shirt is worth the oversized nose Felonious Gru has to put on.

The Lost World: dinosaurs and trainers

Let trick-or-treaters think it’s based on Jurassic Park, though it’s really based on those times you wish you could train your dinos. Little T-Rex and Triceratops will have loads of fun in the Lost World. This ingenious, hilarious idea also makes for a sweet Halloween memory.

Rat King crew

Kids who can’t wait for Christmas can start celebrating early on Halloween with a Nutcracker troupe. It’s not as complicated as it looks to put together a cast. If your castle’s princess loves her ballet lessons, your work is already halfway done. She can hand out the treats in her sweetest pink tutu. ] You just need to try on a 10-inch high hat, and no tickling while you guard the fortress. The youngest tot would make the most endearing Rat King.

Toothless Fairy

The skeleton is the easiest and most versatile Halloween fixture. Just ask Kim Kardashian. Put on the skeleton suit and mascara, and presto! You’re a scary corpse. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also customize the fright level by crossing it with something unexpected, like a unicorn or a fairy. The unholy pretty-creepy hybrid would make unique ensemble outfits.

Get Wreck

Break the Internet with the cutest family pics of your Wreck-it-Ralph adventure. It calls for a fun DIY project, but the readymade costumes are great, too. Ralph’s overalls come with a padded chest, stuffed gloves and funny eyebrows. Vanellope von Schweetz can wear her cool green hoodie and pleated skirt to other parties. She’ll love the assorted hair candy clips. Fix-it Felix can also wear his dark jeans to the movies. Nicelander Mary gives mom the perfect excuse to splurge on a vintage brooch for a stylish purple blazer and skirt suit.

Attack of the killer cutie sharks


Put your own spin on The Meg this Halloween. Mom can be a bae-watch lifeguard, and dad can play the hapless surfer attacked by killer cuties. Give everyone a chuckle on the Facebook Timeline.

Scooby Doo and the Halloween challenge

With the retro-cool, upbeat costumes, it’s no mystery the Scooby Doo gang wins the Halloween costume challenge every year. The baby’s brown jumpsuit is ultra-comfy and easy to spot. Shaggy doesn’t have to yell “Where are you?” Pre-teens will have a blast sleuthing as Danger-prone  Daphne, with a bright orange wig and purple velvet dress. No need for a Mystery Machine to find the outfits. There are hundreds of accessories online to clue you in.


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