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10 Most Kid-Friendly Airlines


Air Tran offers Pre-boarding for Families: you can board after group A has boarded with a child 4 years old or younger.
Lap Seat Ages: Children under age 2 travel free when traveling domestically with an adult. If international, the fare is 10% of adult fare + tax.
Diaper Changers: Many of the AirTran planes have changing stations.
Discounted Child Fares: Children 4 years old and under travel free. Children over 4 years old pay full fare.
Kids’ Meals: None, but complimentary snacks are available.
Bottle Warming: No.
Kid-Friendly Entertainment: None.
Wi-Fi: Yes, it’s available on all flights.
Stroller and Car Seat Gate Check: Yes, they car seats and strollers can be checked for free
Bassinets: No.

American Airlines

Pre-boarding: $10 per person extra to board with first group in coach.
Lap Seat Ages: Infants at least 2 days old but under age 2 may be carried on free of charge when traveling within the U.S. and Canada. All other travels, 10% of adult fare (plus tax).
Diaper Changers: Wide-body aircraft provide changing tables.
Discounted Child Fares: Yes.
Bottle Warmers: Yes, on all flights except for American Eagle.
Kids’ Meals: None, but snacks and sandwiches are available.
Kid-Friendly Entertainment: Flights longer than 4 hrs. hours provide free movies on overhead TVs, (not necessarily targeted to children) New and refurbished planes have in-seat entertainment with movies, TV shows, music and games.
Wi-Fi: Yes, Wi-Fi is available on nearly all flights within the U.S.; it is available on select international flights.
Stroller and Car Seat Gate Check: Yes, fully collapsible strollers <20 pounds can be checked at the gate, along with car seats. Umbrella strollers may be carried on provided they fit in an overhead bin. 
Bassinets: Yes, bassinets may be available on a first-come, first-served basis—they  cannot be reserved in advance.


Pre-boarding: No.
Lap Seat Ages: Children must be more than 7 days old and <2 to fly free.
Diaper Changers: No.
Discounted Child Fares: No.
Bottle Warmers: Yes.
Kids’ Meals: Yes. Jarred foods (strained fruit, vegetables, meats and desserts) are available for babies, and special meals are available for children ages 2 to 12.
Kid-Friendly Entertainment: Free entertainment is offered on all domestic and international flights via Delta Studio. TV shows, movies, music and games can be streamed free on seat-back screens or personal electronic devices with Wi-Fi capabilities. Delta also offers Speakaboos, an app designed for kids ages 2 to 6, with audio books and popular kids’ TV shows. Kids can also access the app post-flight with a special code given in-flight.
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is available on all flights within the U.S.
Stroller and Car Seat Gate Check: Yes, strollers checked free of charge. In addition to one carry-on bag allowance, you may also bring a booster seat, other infant seat or bassinet for free.
Bassinets: Yes. Called Sky Cots, they are available on some international flights, on a first-come, first-served basis.

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