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20 Best Cities To Take Your Kids

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Cost: $893 on American Airlines with one stopover in Miami, 13 hours, 48 minutes.
Best times to go: April – June (autumn) – or September to December (spring).
Things to do: Take Tango experience lessons. Visit Caminito in the old town of La Boca for dining, street performers, souvenirs and brightly colored buildings. Tour Casa Rosada, the presidential palace, take a bike tour of the city.
It may sound crazy, but the Recoleta Cemetery, rich with art, sculpture and famous graves, fascinates kids. Visit the La Boca Football Stadium. For an authentic Gaucho experience, visit a farm where they show you how to lasso, among a whole lot of other entertaining experiences. The Zoológico de Lujan is away from the city but worth a visit with kids. Indulge the kids with books or games at El Ateneo Grand Splendid, rated by The Guardian as the second best bookstore in the world. It is housed in an old theater.

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