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First EVER Kid’s Bucket List – Things Kids Must See Before They Grow Up!

World’s Largest Treehouse

The Minister’s Treehouse just clinched the Guinness World Records title of the world’s largest treehouse, but the treehouse’s builder, Horace Burgess, says he’s not done yet. The house, located in Crossville, T.N., is a work in progress. Burgess built the almost 10,000-square-foot structure because he was inspired by God.

Where: Crossville, TN

Ice Castles-Midway, Utah

There is something magical about ice castles! Kids are mesmerized by these formations — ice castles captivate the imagination. These marvelous creations are the handiwork of Brent Christianson. this year — and you step into a frozen wonderland filled with the kind of magic that comes when imagination meets nature’s creative force.

The castles have been an annual labor of love for Christensen for more than a decade — but not always on such a grand scale.

Where: 700 Homestead Dr, Midway, UT 84049

Developing the art of ice architecture

His ice creations began as backyard igloos and over the years evolved to castles that look like something from a fairytale. After a few Utah winters, Christensen said he decided to build a castle. A latticework of icicles — vertical bases connected by horizontal icicles — provided the breakthrough to take Christensen’s creation from a backyard igloo to an architectural marvel. Christensen credits nature with the real creative power behind the castles. “The canvas is me just kind of providing the place for this stuff to happen,” he said. “I didn’t do that — it was designed by a higher power. I’m careful to not take credit for any of this. We work hard, but really, we’re just tapping into a partnership with nature.

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