Type ‘A’ Personalities Make Terrible Parents

I used to daydream about my perfect life, successful career, 2.5 kids, white picket fence…the whole nine yards. Then, I actually HAD kids!

It is nearly impossible to stay true to your Type A personality when you have children!

  • Type As have a SERIOUS need for control. Yeah, well…forget it! Jerry Seinfeld said it best, “Having a two-year-old is kind of like having a blender without a lid.” The thing about it is, it doesn’t end there. My oldest is six and I have yet to have a blender with all of its pieces. Kids equal chaos.
  • Type As hate procrastination. Wasting time is what small children do best. Have you ever asked/told a three-year-old to “hurry up” and put their shoes and coat on? Case closed.
  • Type As write to-do lists for everything! Kids could care less if your house is clean…dishes are washed…beds are made…refrigerator is stocked…rugs are vacuumed…laundry is done…toilets are cleaned…bills are paid…dinner is made…Sorry, I got carried away, you get my point!
  • Type As tend to overanalyze. Kids just don’t think…ever…at all…about anything.
  • Type As are unable to relax. Kids are lazy. If I let my kids sit in front of the a T.V., tablet or screen of any kind all day*, they would. Oh, and by the way, even if I try to relax, by say…taking a nice hot bath, one of my children will inevitably interrupt, or better yet, invite themselves in.
  • *Not that I would let my child be in front of screens all day because my Type A personality has me convinced everyone is judging ME all of the time.
  • Type As are passionate perfectionists. Just like Mary Poppins, they want everything, including their children, to be “practically perfect in every way”.  Meanwhile, my kid insists that none of his cloths can match under ANY circumstance…despite my Type A personality feeling the need to not only match my outfit, but also my socks and underwear!
  • Type As take EVERYTHING to heart. So, when your kid screws up, it’s obviously a direct reflection of how you parent your child. It’s all your fault.
  • Type As love to make plans. Kids love to get sick.  Kids love to have school canceled.  Kids love to forget to tell you that you need to bake a million cupcakes for the bake sale…tomorrow!
  • Type As excel at efficiency. Have you ever efficiently done ANYTHING with a child?!
  • Types As tend to be fast walkers…which is virtually impossible with small children.
  • Type As are competitive. I’ll be damned if I “let” my kids win Chutes and Ladders!

One last thing. The Spotlight. Hear me out. I am not a vain person by any stretch of the imagination. But yes, as a child I was the loud, talkative, singer, dancer, ”Hey, look at me!” kid. I don’t care if you’re a Type A, B, C, D, E or F (I don’t even think those are real things, but I’m putting it on my to-do list to find out), EVERY mom deserves a little recognition. Well, suck it up, Buttercup! When you have kids, there is no such thing as you. YOU become “So-and-so’s Mom”. THAT is how you are recognized.

Even though our personality dictates how we function…or dysfunction, the truth of the matter is, so long as you love your kids you can’t be that terrible of a parent. Who knows, maybe your kid will turn out to be a Type A…if you’re lucky!


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