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Unique Places to Eat Ice Cream in Philadelphia

Nothing beats a cool, creamy and refreshing scoop of ice cream on a sweltering hot day, or just about any day. While ice cream, the most popular dessert in the country, might have been invented by the Chinese, it has been perfected by Philadelphia vendors. If you are looking for the coolest place to take your kids out for a cup of Ice Cream in Philadelphia, we’ve got you covered! Check out these 15 ice cream shops that serve the best scoops.

There’s nothing like cool, creamy, refreshing ice cream on a hot day…or pretty much any day. Though the Chinese probably invented America’s most popular dessert, a number of Philadelphia vendors have perfected it. Cool down and fill up on our picks for the best ice cream in the city.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Little Baby’s menu might appear a bit intimidating at first glance. Boasting flavors such as Balsamic Banana, Cucumber Drill and Chipotle Chocolate, you may be doubting whether your family will enjoy their 100 plus flavors or not. But rest assured that, irrespective of the odd combinations of flavors, you cannot miss this ice cream.

Your kids will be shocked that they can indeed devour all their favorite foods in form of an ice cream cone. And if your taste buds aren’t the wildest, the ice cream shop also makes more traditional flavors such as Coffee Toffee, Chocolate Cookie Dough and Plain sweet cream. There are also various other non-dairy options.

Where: 2311 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

HoursEvery day 12-10 pm

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