Unusual Drops to Ring in the New Year

The Times Square ball is a national symbol for ringing in the New Year. The lights, the confetti, the music and the people all make the perfect scene for ringing in the next year. Not all New Year’s traditions stand out like this, in fact, some may just seem strange. Some of these traditions have been around a while others are fairly new.

  1. Ice Cream Cake Drop – The town of McVeytown, Pa., will ring in 2016 with the second annual Ice Cream Cake Drop. The ice cream cake will drop at midnight and everyone will toast the new year with a baby cake ice cream cake from a local sub and malt shop.

  1. Guitar Drop – In Memphis, TN, this will be the 8th year for the New Year’s Eve Guitar Drop. A 10 foot guitar will drop 100 feet over Beale Street to ring in 2016.

  1. Walleye Drop – The small town of Port Clinton, Ohio, near Lake Erie celebrates the New Year watching a 20-foot, 600-pound fish fall from the sky at the Walleye Drop.

  1. Idaho Potato Drop – It would be only appropriate if a potato rang in the New Year in Idaho. The Idaho Potato Drop is back for its third year in Boise, and festivities include live music on multiple stages, DJs and fireworks on Main Street.

  1. Possum Drop – This event in Brasstown, NC received a lot of attention when animal rights activists quested the legality of using a live animal.  But the event is a go this year and the animal is in a plastic box when dropped.

  1. Moon Pie Drop – A 600-pound electric Moon Pie will be dropped in downtown Mobile, Ala.

  1. Peach Drop – Atlanta, GA residents will ring in the new year by watching an 800 pound peach drop. It will be the 27th year for the event.

  1. Pickle Drop – keeping with the food drops. A pickle will be lowered from a flagpole in downtown Mount Olive, NC.

  1. Acorn Drop – In Raleigh, NC A giant acorn is dropped at midnight to welcome 2016.

  1. Indy Car Drop – For the second year, those in Indianapolis, IN will watch an Indy Car drop to ring in the New Year.


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