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What it means to be a Dad.

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “father”? For everyone, it is something different because every single father is different. Some immediately think of how some dads can accidentally eat an entire bag of chips or have third helpings of food. Others think back to how their dads would play with children’s’ toys as if they were a child themselves. Big and strong; kind, strict and caring. Fathers remind me of those hard candy sweets with those soft fillings. They may look and seem tough on the outside, but on the inside, they’re full of sweet sugar.

Being a dad has a lot of meaning to it. It is a test of creativity during story time with no new books to read. It is being a master of negotiations when your child doesn’t want to go to bed. Being a dad is always being there, no matter what. It is a test of strength when you have to punish your kids or be strict with them. And a reward when you cheer them on in their goals.

It is the perfect excuse for your lame jokes and playing with toys. It is the training required to be a master linguist – from interpreting baby language to figuring out what they’re saying at age 7 when the topic is changed as fast as they can run. Being a father means you know how to talk about anything. It means that you never stop learning or looking at the wonder of the world through a child’s eyes.

It’s sometimes being a horse, a pirate or a princess. A protector of your realm and the one true king in their eyes. It’s transforming into a zombie for the first few years. And, most importantly, being a master Lego-finder.

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