When she approached him, the leader of the free world lost his way with words. - Kid 101

When she approached him, the leader of the free world lost his way with words.

Presidents are meant to rule the country in just and righteousness. Day and night we see presidents all over the world working tirelessly and aimlessly. All we see are their stressed out faces.

Have you ever seen a fun side of a president?

Let alone the president of the United States, which one of the most powerful countries in the world. President Barack Obama might have a lot on his plate but he will never forget to have some fun.

In this video, we see him dancing a beautiful Tango to a famous Tango rhythm with a wonderful lady (and by the way the beautiful lady isn’t Michelle Obama). He is a wonderful and a great dancer I must say (although his feet shuffled a bit here and there). Although he has the most tedious tasks and the most difficult decisions to make we can see a funny and enjoyable side in him. He could have rejected the offer of the dance just like any other normal president would do. But, being the amazing person he is he was willing to risk the chance of getting embarrassed so that he could have fun.

If you google about the funny moments of president Obama you will be bombarded with numerous videos proving that he is not only a good leader but that he is also an amazing human being. He knows to enjoy life and live the moment, embracing even the tiniest things in life. Every leader must have a soft side to him just like he has a stern and competitive side.

President Obama is a very good example. He leads a simple life with a simple family although he has all the luxury in the world. He is the essence of a true leader.

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