When the world saw him on the street, we were amazed, but what happened next, gives me hope. - Kid 101

When the world saw him on the street, we were amazed, but what happened next, gives me hope.

Prodigy! The image created in our mind is a handsome gentleman in a tuxedo playing a grand piano. But, be ready to be amazed because this is a video that shocked the whole world. Have you ever thought what would happen when a homeless man meets a piano?

Well, meet the piano prodigy who was discovered on the streets in his homeless attire. No matter what you lose in life, your talents will never disappear. I’m sure you’ll have all watched the video of the homeless piano prodigy. This is more of a sentimental video where the homeless prodigy meets his long lost son.

He has had a full transformation, from his clean piano playing to his clean beard cut. He has had a full transformation in his life. He will be starting all over again with going to rehabilitation as his initial step. He eagerly awaits to meet his long lost son of 15 years. He would have never thought that he will be able to experience this magical moment when he ended up on the road.

His son who is adopted by a wonderful couple is already 18 years old. Imagine what he must have felt when he watched his birth father in such a state? Imagine the father’s feeling after seeing his little boy? He just has a moment to face time with his son, but he is more than content with it. I’m sure that he never thought that him playing the piano would change his life in a positive manner.

The magic of talent! It can take you to places you never expect. Music is a universal language. This video just proved it. It connects people all over the world.

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